1. With all the talk about health care it may be the best time to work on not being sick. I know it may sound too simple, however there are things that one can do to be healthier.

    Diet and exercise two words that can be dismissed as soon as the eye reads them. That is because our mind goes straight to something painful or unappealing. It does not have to be that way however. There are many ways to get moving with out changing a huge part of your life all at once. Start by not looking for the parking place closes to the entrance. Play with children or pets. Find an activity that you always enjoyed but just haven't done in a while. Such as bowling, ping pong, or skating.

    On the diet front it could be as simple as reading a few labels. Looking for products that have fewer than five or six ingredients in them. Many time the extra ingredients are just preservatives or unhealthy additives.

    Just a start can make all the difference once you make simple changes the results will make you want more. 

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