Total Biotic 60 Caps.
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- A Unique Full Spectrum Enteric Coated ProBiotic Formula.
- Contains 10 Billion Strains of ‘Good Bacteria’.
Total-ProBiotic is a powerful, high potency, broad spectrum probiotic supplement.
This formula provides an extremely high count of specific probiotics, which creates antiobiotic-like compounds in the gut. 
The enteric coating system increases resistance to heat and stomach acids. This aids efficient passage through the stomach therefore providing a greater proportion of beneficial bacteria to the target area (the intestines).
Total Probiotic provides the following benefits:
Reduce Gas & Heart Burn
Improve Digestion
Prevent Bloating & Diarrhea
Boost Immune Response
Prevents Constipation & Irritable Bowel

60 Capsules

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